Our Story.

The ultimate key to health lies in Marc's 35 year understanding of working with this organic nutrient dense compound.

Proprietary Extraction Technology

A natural proven process that Marc has developed that uses no chemicals or heat.

Nutient Powerhouse

More than 70 naturally occurring and organically-bound minerals and trace elements from ancient plant matter,.

Decades Of Experience

Over 35 years experience working with this nutient dense compound.


The Beginnings

The Making of the 'Mud Man'.

Having witnessed European mud baths profoundly help a broad spectrum of health challenges Marc had a hunch there was similar fulvic acid-rich mud in Canada. This led to the discovery of one of the richest sources of fulvic acid in the world in the Ottawa Valley not far from Marc’s home. Marc has since established himself as one of the world’s most respected experts in the area of fulvic minerals.

Marc now has dozens of formulations to his credit. Black Oxygen Organics is proud, excited, and frankly stoked, to bring a curated collection of these Canadian fulvic mineral products to the world.

Business Not As Usual.

This isn’t just different it’s literally ground breaking. This product is the culmination of his life’s work

The magic number was 63.

CEO and Formulator, Marc Saint-Onge, made an exhaustive search in Canada analyzing 63 peat bogs across Ontario and Quebec. Years of testing and evaluating led to the discovery of a living source with one of the highest levels of fulvic acid in the world.

Today, Black Oxygen Organics sustainably harvests from one of the richest peat bogs on the planet, not far from Marc’s home in Ottawa.


What's in a number?

Canada has the strictest regulations around the globe when it comes to granting these approvals and this NPN brings recognition as having met the highest standards in the world.

The culmination of Marc’s life’s work came in 2015 when his proprietary fulvic mineral liquid supplement was granted a Health Canada Natural Product Number. NPN 80063624


A Caution.

All fulvic acid is not the same. Beware of fulvic products derived from fossilized matter like rock or shale. In this form the energy is spent and the benefits not even a fraction of those from a living source. Harsh chemicals are the primary extraction method and can be present in the end product along with toxic, heavy metals.

To put it simply, your body is designed to assimilate nutrients from plants, not rock.


When Inspiration Strikes.

Carlo was introduced to Marc’s fulvic acid liquid supplement through a health practitioner and the product – in his words – Changed. His. Life.

Carlo sought out Marc and the two became fast friends. Carlo’s unwavering enthusiasm and worldwide vision are the driving forces that saw Black Oxygen Organics go from distributing only through spas and health professionals to the consumer direct global company it is today.


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Every so often nature reveals a therapeutic agent so incredible that medical researchers—and the people who try it—are astounded by its health-enhancing benefits. BlackOxygen is that product.