Corporate Team

Marc Saint-Onge
CEO, Product Formulator, Owner

Having witnessed European mud baths profoundly help a broad spectrum of health challenges Marc had a hunch there was similar fulvic acid-rich mud in Canada. This led to the discovery of one of the richest sources of fulvic acid in the world in the Ottawa Valley not far from Marc’s home. Marc has since established himself as one of the world’s most respected experts in the area of fulvic minerals.

The culmination of his life’s work came in 2015 with a Natural Product Number granted from Health Canada. Marc now has dozens of formulations to his credit. Black Oxygen Organics is proud, excited, and frankly stoked, to bring a curated collection of these Canadian fulvic mineral products to the world.

Carlo Garibaldi
President, Owner

Carlo brings more than 30 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience across multiple, diverse industries. However, it is his passion for health and fitness that led him to Black Oxygen Organics. Carlo was introduced to Marc’s fulvic acid liquid supplement through a health practitioner and the product – in his words – Changed. His. Life.

Carlo sought out Marc and the two became fast friends. Carlo’s unwavering enthusiasm and worldwide vision are the driving forces that saw Black Oxygen Organics go from distributing only through spas and health professionals to the global Network Marketing company it is today.

Jean-Paul Servant
Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Paul’s career spans entrepreneurial projects in Africa and market development projects in Brazil, China and India. He is the founder of Brésibec International Inc., a company specializing in global sourcing, intermodal transportation and developing international markets.

Jean-Paul met Marc Saint-Onge in 2014, immediately drawn to Marc’s enthusiasm, expertise and global vision for Black Oxygen Organics.

Ron Montaruli
VP of Business Development

Ron joins Black Oxygen Organics as of April 2020 as Vice President of Business Development. In this role, he oversees the company’s sales and marketing department, leadership development, training and information technology.

Over the past 20 years, having already been part of 2 different billion-dollar company’s growth and helping them expand into new international markets, Ron has obtained a very diverse understanding of what it takes to grow a global company and create momentum throughout all markets. While serving others in the direct sales industry, Ron has had the privilege of leading these organizations in English, French and Spanish in 26 different countries.

Ron is thrilled to be working alongside a very talented corporate team using his experience to help more people discover Black Oxygen Organics around the world.