The BlackOxygen Breakthrough

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Now in a product that can be taken by anyone at any age, as well as animals and it even has agricultural applications.

The health supplement market is filled with products created by human minds. However, if one were to gather every brilliant formulator in the world, add all their knowledge together and multiply it to the power of ten, it wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the earth and our bodies already know.

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A Gift From The Ground.

The science of BlackOxygen

Fulvic acid is the end product and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient, organic matter. Organic matter is just a fancy way of saying peat bog.

When extracted, purified and delivered in a liquid supplement form, it carries all the nutritional information, anti-oxidant capacity and genetic coding of everything in that decomposed matter.

We know the fundamental building blocks of our bodies are the same as other organisms so it only makes sense to nourish your body with what it is made of, optimizing regeneration and repair.

Every cell in your body will thank you.


Fulvic acid is extraordinary in how many bodily functions and systems it supports. It is essential to the metabolic processes of living cells and helps correct cell imbalances. It assists with enzyme production, hormone structures and is necessary for the absorption and utilization of vitamins.

It is one of the finest, natural, most powerful electrolytes known. It creates the ideal environment for dissolved mineral complexes and trace elements, allowing cells to bio-react electrically with one another.

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Nutrition In - Toxins Out

The perfect delivery and disposal system all in one.

Due to its nanite size, fulvic acid moves easily into cells, including crossing the blood brain barrier. It bonds to nutrients, carrying up to sixty times its molecular weight in nutrition into the cell. It also bonds to waste inside the cell, removing up to sixty times its weight in toxins, heavy metals, pollutants and pesticides.

Free radicals are toxic by-products that cause significant cellular damage. Each cell in your body can be hit by up to 10,000 free radicals per day and they need to be neutralized in order to not ravage living cells and tissue. To be neutralized each free radical needs a donor electron.

One molecule of fulvic acid can donate fourteen tera-trillion electrons. That’s twenty-one zeros! It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons, rendering free radicals harmless. It then alters the mineral to new useable compounds or eliminates them as waste.

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